Monday, November 22, 2010

Malaysia Patch v1.3(Razoredit)

This patch made to meet the compatibility with Patch PESEdit 0.4

General Feature:
*All features from PESEdit 0.4

Added Features by RaZoR:
*Added Malaysia in Asia Team
*Added Malaysia Super League (14 Club)
*New Malaysia Home & Away Kit
*Real player name for all MSL clubs
*75 Scanned face for MSL player
*Play Master League using Malaysia Premier League Club
*RTM1 TV logo
*New playerface (Maradona, Batistuta, Romario, Pele, Cantona, Zidane, Cafu, Dunga, BenKhalifa, Borini, Kakuta, Neymar, Bruma,Pirlo, Eduardo)
*Special Hair Mode by Hawke
*New formation icon
*Unlock all in Extra Content

How to install:
1. It is recommended to do a fresh installation before installing the patch.
2. Update DLC 15.10
3. Install Patch PESEdit 0.4 patch.
4. Download MAS Patch v1.3 and extract file.
5. Put kitserverfolder into C:\Program Files\KONAMI\ProEvolution Soccer 2011
6. Attach the kitserver to the game.
7. Put Savefolder into My Document\KONAMI\ProEvolution Soccer 2011.
8. Start the game.

How to dismiss RaZoR trademark:
1. Remove unnamed_981 @ dt06 (MSL Logo)
2. Remove unnamed_46 @ dt06 (Menu Bar)

Credit to:
*Vanrezza (New Malaysia Home & Away Golkeeper Kits)
*Chengazrin (All Golkeeper for MSL Club)



  1. cmne nak remove logo RTM tu? btw, nice patch.. keep it up.. thx

  2. Letak scoreboard lain mcm goal scoreboard...

  3. how to install this patch? i tried it so many times but didn't stucked after "press any button" stage...i followed all the steps u stated above...
    can u please explain the installation steps in more detail?
    for your information,i installed pes edit 0.4 already

  4. mu install x lagi DLC 15.10??

    in inglish
    are u install or not DLC 15.10??

  5. cmne nak tuka balik font jadi besar semua? tak berapa syok la jadi tulisan huruf kecik