Friday, November 12, 2010

Update for PatchEdit2011 v0.4 +Malaysia by pes-1malaysia

* Add Malaysia team and new jersey
* Abilities all players are defaut of Konami new
* Npower Champioship replace 2.Bundesliga new
* New faces (Coutinho, Bebe, Smalling, Pacheco, Wilshere, Mannone, Szczesny, Randall,…)
* New ballpack v1.3 edit by me new
* Replace Edit Mode Hair Mod Pack by Hawke
* Supporters Banners Patch by Txak (26 teams)
* Real Team Supporters 2011 by Mr_Iron
* PS3 Buttons & Controls
* Partial Npower Champioship (emblem, kit, formation, stats, players names,…) new

How to install:

* Your copy into kitserver\pesedit\
* All file in save folder copy into My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\save\

You need also : PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.4 + Patch 1Malaysia 1.0


  1. nak tanya

    bro, saya da masukkan patch pesedit 4.0 dan memang ok, kalau saya masukkan pes1 malaysia+patch yg ni xda ilang pape ke??

  2. x ada boh....pes1 malaysia yg aq buat edit pesedi 0.4...

  3. bro nk tnya lagi ni, patch malaysia 2memang best giler, cume kpala je bsar ckit anyway tebaik..
    urmmm aku da install yang patch 1malaysia+pesedit0.4, pastu kalau aku nk masukkan (Malaysia Patch v1.0 (MSL Included) by RaZoR) ni ilang x save ngan pesedit yang aku da install sblom ni sebab razor tulis just sesuai ngan pesedit 0.3...

  4. (Malaysia Patch v1.0 (MSL Included) by RaZoR) boleh main dgn pesedit 0.4...kalo mu install (Malaysia Patch v1.0 (MSL Included) by RaZoR),patch 1malaysia yg mu install akan hilang