Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tutorial adding png’s into xbox or ps3 IMGs

Adding png’s into xbox or ps3 IMGs

1. open GGS
2. open img (PS3) or iso (XBOX)
3. find unlinked file (in DT0C i use unnamed_754)
4. insert dummy and drag over file
5. now you can add as many PNG’s as you want until you close GGS
6. you have repeat this dummy move everytime you open GGS to add a PNG
7. if editing iso for xbox you can edit any png in any dt0x.img
but for ps3 you need to find a unused file in each img

How to Unzlib a file to edit in either a PARAM EDITOR or in HEX EDIT

Tutorials by bolloxmasta.

And here is the rest of it


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