Monday, February 8, 2010

PES Music by lahnapi: Malaysian and Western Music

11,”Lepaskan Aku”,”Hujan”
12,”Keep Your Hands Off My Girl”,”Good Charlotte”
13,”Gimme More”,”Britney Spears feat. TI”
14,”Boom Boom Pow”,”Black Eyed Peas”
15,”Grenade Jumper”,”Fall Out Boy”
16,”Come On”,”Bittersweet”
17,”Mencari Konklusi”,”Hujan”
18,”High School Rocker”,”Bunkface”
19,”Viva la Vida”,”Coldplay”
20,”Now That I Can See”,”Couple”

21,”Aku Skandal”,”Hujan”
22,”Aku Bukan Superman”,”Lucky Laki”
23,”Supermassive Black Hole”,”Muse”
24,”Never Say Goodbye”,”OST My Girl”
25,”Jai Ho”,”AR Rahman feat. Nicole Scherzinger”
26,”Last Night”,”The Strokes”
27,”Pesona Algebra”,”The Times”
28,”Semangat Yang Hilang”,”XPDC”
29,”Nobody”,”Wonder Girls”
33,”Kiss Kiss”,”Chris Brown feat. T-Pain”
35,”Believe Me”,”Fort Minor”
36,”Behind These Hazel Eyes”,”Kelly Clarkson”
37,”Bleed It Out”,”Linkin Park”
39,”In My Place”,”Coldplay”
40,”Waving Flags”,”K. Naan”
41,”I Get It From My Mama”,””
42,”Sk8ter Boy”,”Avril Lavigne”
43,”Helena”,”My Chemical Romance”
44,”Dance Dance”,”Fall Out Boy”
45,”Seribu Tahun Takkan Mungkin”,”BPR”
46,”Dont Lie”,”Black Eyed Peas”
47,”Lucky”,”Colby Cailat feat. Jason Moraz”
48,”The Over The Breaks”,”Fall Out Boy”
50,”Basket Case”,”Greenday”
52,”Waving Flags”,”World Cup 2010 Themes Songs”
53,”Wake Up Call”,”Maroon 5″
54,”Love Today”,”Mika”
55,”Reptilia”,”The Stroke”
56,”FUCK The System”,”System Of Down”
57,”Stronger”,”Kanye West”
58,”Last Night”,”Puff Diddy feat. Keshia Cole”


1. Download all 2 volumes of the soundtrack.
2. Make sure you have Kitserver 9:10 or kitserver installed in the new right.
2. Dt02.img extract the folder to \ kitserver \ example-root1 \ img (depending on your folder title)
3. Songs.txt to extract \ kitserver \ example-root1 (depending on your folder title)
4. Enjoy!

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