Sunday, May 30, 2010

PES Stadium Studio 2010 v1.0 by Stelios

The new PSS is having many brand new features:

* 3D Preview (Textured/Wireframe)
* 3DS files’ supports (You can import sides from .3ds files)
* Textures’ Management (Export images in multiple BINs)
* More Freedom on elements (you can now import more types of Parts)


* This year you should import the turf/field your own. You can use the 3DS functionality to do this on existing SEF files.
* Old SEFs from PES 2008/2009 should work just fine (except for the lack of turf/field)
* Read User Guide carefully about how files are distributed around dt07.img. You can decide how to distribute your files this year.

Read the User Guide carefully about the way weather edition works. After that, you can do 3 different approaches for creating different versions:

1. You can make one big global stadium bin (from one SEF) with all meshes and use transparent textures on weather-specific texture bins for hiding parts of other weathers. REMEMBER TO COVER THE WEATHER SPECIFIC STADIUM BINS WITH empty.bin FOUND ON files FOLDER OF PSS2010 INSTALLATION FOLDER.
2. You can split your stadium in 1 SEF for global parts and 5 SEF for weather specific parts. That should make 1 global .bin and 5 weather-specific stadium bins.
3. You can make 5 different SEFs for the stadium, one for each weather and just use empty.bin (found on files folder of PSS2010 installation) to cover the global .bin.


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