Friday, May 21, 2010

Hard Style Patch 1.1 by Ken32 from

Hard Style Patch 1.1 by Ken 32 from

1. New exe 1.3, new save folder.
2. Automatic installer (english and russian).
3. Possibility to choose more than two kits. (Press “1″ for changing kit for Home team, “2″ for Guest)
4. 90% transfers for all teams, 100% for EPL on 05.05.2010.
5. Kits for all teams, including national teams.
6. Full Bundesliga.

7. Coca-Cola Championship replaces the second division in ML.
8. Are added (not replaced) 6 teams: Albania, Belarus, Georgia, Hapoel Tel-Aviv, Red Bull Salzburg, Gremio.
9. At patch there are ALL faces for EPL and Bundesliga existing on 05.05.2010. More than 500 faces in patch all. (Thanks
10. New emblems for all teams.
11. New balls.
12. New boots.
13. The cursor of landing of ball is cleaned.
14. Names of stadiums are changed.
15. New preview for stadiums.
16. New gloves.
17. New net.
18. New adboards.
19. The new dark blue cursor of menu.
20. The new menu “Night Cities”.
21. Cards of players are updated. (Now there real photos of football players and the game moments)
22. More realistic rain.
23. New posters of tournaments.
24. The real photos of the personnel of club in the Master League.
25. Players in Master League are unblocked.
26. The real logos of sponsors in the Master – League.
27. The real trophies in “Become a Legend”.
28. New TV – Popaps.
29. New Replay-logo in all modes.
30. New stars of loading.
31. The real logos of Cups and Leagues.
32. New replay-logos for League and Cup.
33. The new calendar in Master League, League and Cup.
34. New intro music on matches.
35. New preview for many stadiums.
36. New kits of judges in all modes.
37. New banners.
38. New corner flag.
39. Chants for Chelsea, Man. United and Milan.
40. New preview for beard in Edit Mode.
41. The register of names of all players and clubs is changed. (For example: Ballack, Juventus)
42. New pictures of collars
43. Special boots for many players.
44. Special pleasures of goals for many players.
45. GDB Manager in archive as bonus.
46. Colours of fans are same, as colours of teams.

Ken 32 © 2010

Copyright: Original idea: Ken 32

Credits: Grand Bleu, boonaun, Hicksville, NightWish, Vlades, Onix, Amir & Reza, JimboPL, Pocho_sl, Andruxxxa, juce & Robbie, buzzyhead, verde, MSK, W!LD@, Amauri. Big thanks to


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