Thursday, June 14, 2012

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on + Update 1.1

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on

Requires previous version of PESEdit 2012 Patch, recommended 3.4

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on Update 1.1 (12.06.2012) :

New Features:
Adboards: Updated adboards according to real ones
Balls: Increased texture quality
Boots: Increased texture quality
Emblem: Added option to use ‘feather style’ flags
Faces: A lot new & updated faces for many EURO 2012 players (50+)
Kits: Updated kits + added correct sleeve patches
Menu: Added 2 new menu colourways + different main menu option
Scoreboard: Updated scoreboard & replay logo (thanks to KO)
Selector: Fixed a few bugs
Stadiums: Added new Kiev stadium (thanks to jnny) + fixed some smaller bugs
Other: Fixed a few bugs
Adboards partly by steadyontherem8
Feather flags by MU4ever
Kiev stadium by jnny
You need to enable the EURO Add-on before you install this.



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