Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SMoKE Patch 2.5.1

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.1 (update):

- Fixed Alvaro Pereira, made uruguay/porto crash.
- Replaced 2 europian players from super classic america team.
- Fixed bug with Tevez and sagna hair (other players had same problem are fixed too).
- Fixed 2 players faces in borussia dortmund.
- Fixed Lecce flag (was showing atlanta).
- Fixed/Added some faces.
- Blackpool replaces Burnley in EPL.
- Updated more kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added more call names.

This is an update. You need Full Version PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5 (Here)

And here is the rest of it


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